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Weight Management Institute Greenville BEFORE Surgery Pre-op Prep Class Schedule June 2019 Read before attending pre-op ...

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Weight Management Institute Greenville BEFORE Surgery Pre-op Prep Class Schedule June 2019 Read before attending pre-op prep class! • Please Register for Class! • NO children under the age of 16 allowed in class. Children are not allowed to be left unsupervised in the office/waiting areas. • You must complete the Five (5) mandatory Pre-op prep classes before your initial surgeon’s appointment • You must complete a minimum of Ten (10) Pre-op prep classes, including 1 class per month before your surgery date • If pre-op prep classes held on the same day have different topics, they may each count towards your 10 classes. Classes with the same topic held in one day may only count once toward your 10 classes • Questions for the office staff or physician must be handled during office hours (8am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-12pm Fri) • ALL patients must sign and weigh in for One (1) Pre-op prep class a month. • Please arrive 15-30 minutes before class is scheduled to weigh in and record vitals • Pre-op prep classes are limited to 20 people, please come early to ensure your seat NO weights/vitals will be taken once a Pre-op prep class has started or at any other times throughout the day. *As part of the 10 required pre-op prep classes, (5) classes/topics are mandatory including: Surgery 101, Nutrition 101, (1) Physician class (not including Surgery 101), (1) Nurse class, and (1) Psychology class.

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Online Pre-op Prep Classes Now Available! Online classes include: •

Surgery 101

Nutrition 101

Keys to Success (Dr. Scott)

Bariatric Surgery: The Scales Tip (Dr. Eichhorn)

Nurse Class- “Medical Considerations Before and After Surgery”

Dietitian Class- “Eating Healthy Through the Summer”

Psychological Class- “Emotional Eating”

You must attend at least 1 (one) pre-op prep class per month, in person, for documentation purposes and to remain active in the program.

Instructions: 1. Visit www.ghs.org/bariatricsolutions 2. Click on “Support Groups” tab 3. Find the “Online Support Groups” available to the right of the page 4. Choose the topic you want to watch by clicking on the link, click PLAY on the video 5. Watch the video FIRST, then take quiz a. You must make a 70% or greater on each quiz to pass and be given credit.

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BARIATRIC SOLUTIONS PRE-SURGERY SCHEDULE Pre-op prep class are held on: TUESDAYS 10:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 6:00pm And the third THURSDAY of the month 12:15pm Pre-op prep classes are limited to 20 attendees, patients arriving after the capacity limit has been reached will not be permitted to join the group regardless of the time. Patients arriving after the Pre-Op Prep Class has begun will not be permitted to join the group.

June 2019 Tuesday 6/4/2019 6/11/2019







Dietitian: NO GROUP Dietitian: Physician: Post-Op Patient Nutrition 101 Surgery 101 Role Model Nurse: NO GROUP Dietitian: Dietitian: Medical Cooking Class Cooking Class Considerations Before and After Surgery Psychology: Psychology: Nurse: Nurse: Getting Support Getting Support Exercise Exercise Through Weight Through Weight Loss Surgery Loss Surgery Program Program Psychology: Psychology: Specialist: Specialist: Taking Taking Journey to Journey to Responsibility for Responsibility for Surgery, Program Surgery, Program Your Success Your Success Q&A Q&A

Thursday 6/20/2019


Physician: Dr. Patricia Eichhorn The Importance of Exercise

Please see our website (www.ghsbariatricsolutions.com) and the “What's Happening Board" in the office for additions and updates to this schedule.

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