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Respiratory Flashcards What is the function of nose hairs? What are the 5 functions of the nasal cavity for the air you...

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Respiratory Flashcards

What is the function of nose hairs? What are the 5 functions of the nasal cavity for the air you breathe?

Where do tears drain out of the eye?

To filter insects and large particles from the inhaled air 1. Help warm the air (cold air can freeze lungs); warmed by superficial veins 2. Enhance the sense of smell 3. Clean (dirty air can clog lungs); mucous is sticky, and cilia will move that dirt down the back of the throat, then it’s swallowed. 4. Moisten the air (dry lungs can crack). The fluid secreted by glands makes the moisture, even on windy days the air goes to 100% humidity by the time it gets to the lungs. 5. Increase the turbulence in the flow of air through the nasal cavity. The increase in turbulence allows more time for the air to be warmed and moistened. LACRIMAL DUCT.

From the middle ear, where does the Eustachian tube open into? What are the three parts of the Pharynx?


Which part is at the back of the mouth and is visible when you open your mouth and look all the way in the back?

OROPHARYNX is the back of the mouth; visible when you open your mouth and look all the way back.

Which two structures separate the oropharanyx and the nasopharynx?

Separates the oropharanyx and the nasopharynx: SOFT PALATE UVULA To move upward when swallowing, to prevent food from going into nasal cavities

What is the function of the uvula?

Nasopharynx Orophayynx Laryngopharynx

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What are the two functions of the larynx? What is the name of the opening of the larynx? What is the name of the flap that covers the opening?

FUNCTIONS 1. Produce sounds (vocal cords) 2. Prevent food from entering lungs

GLOTTIS is the opening. EPIGLOTTIS flaps over the glottis when you swallow so nothing will go into the trachea.

The ability to vary the pitch of the voice results from what?

From varying the tension in the vocal folds

Tracheotomy, above the jugular notch What is procedure is done in a choking emergency? In a runner who is breathing heavily during a race, the glottis is open or closed?

Open as far as possible

What are inflamed vocal cords (↓ sound production)?


Name the layers of the trachea, from superficial to deepest.

MUCOSA: consists of two parts: EPITHELIUM (most superficial layer, closest to the lumen) LAMINA PROPRIA (2nd most superficial layer) SUBMUCOSA (3rd most superficial layer) ADVENTITIA (Deepest layer, farthest from the lumen) Right lung.

If you inadvertently inhale something, which lung does it tend to go into? Where does lung cancer occur slightly more frequently in?

Lung cancer - in the right lung than in the left lung

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Most foreign substances in inspired air fail to reach the lungs because of what structures?

Ciliated epithelium and mucus that line the respiratory passages

What does the left lung have that the right lung does not have? Do lungs receive oxygenated blood or deoxygenated? What types of bronchi supply the lungs? How many lobes does the left lung have? How many does the right one have? What three changes occur as the conducting tubes of the respiratory tree become smaller, and what thing does not change?

Only the left lung has a cardiac notch Lungs receive deoxygenated blood. The lungs are supplied by primary, secondary, and tertiary bronchi The left lung has TWO lobes, but the right lung has THREE lobes.

What happens when the diaphragm muscles contract?

The size of the thoracic cavity INCREASES and air rushes into the lungs.

What is an allergic condition where bronchioles will constrict, blocking air flow to the lungs?


Cartilage rings are replaced by irregular plates of cartilage. Cartilage disappears in the bronchioles. The lining epithelium thins. Elastin stays in the walls

CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE CHRONIC BRONCHITIS: EMPHYSEMA: (COPD) is a combination of what two conditions? What is the name of a chronic respiratory Emphysema disease that leads to an expanded “barrel chest’?

What is the “flu” caused by a virus that you are vaccinated against when you get the flu vaccine?


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What is a detergent produced within the alveoli, which coats it?


What is its function?

Functions to help with lung inflation by keeping the walls of the alveoli from sticking together when they collapse during exhalation

What syndrome is where this substance is not produced in a premature baby, and is the number one cause of death in premature babies?


What is the lining of the thoracic cavity?


The rubbing together of inflamed pleural membranes that produces a stabbing pain in the chest is called what? What three things happen when the diaphragm contracts?


An infectious illness that results in the accumulation of fluid in the alveoli is called what?


The size of the thoracic cavity increases The pressure inside the thoracic cavity drops Air flows into the lungs What is the name of the condition when there PNEUMOTHORAX (COLLAPSED is a hole in the pleura (injury from broken rib, LUNG). knife)? What is an infection of a really bad bacteria Tuberculosis that get in the lungs and make themselves a capsule to hide in, where antibiotics can’t reach?