AC TRANSIT DISTRICT Board of Directors Executive Summary GM Memo No. 08-309 Meeting Date: December 17, 2008 Committees...

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AC TRANSIT DISTRICT Board of Directors Executive Summary

GM Memo No. 08-309 Meeting Date: December 17, 2008

Committees: Planning Committee External Affairs Committee Rider Complaint Committee Board of Directors

Finance and Audit Committee Operations Committee Paratransit Committee Financing Corporation

SUBJECT: Receive Minutes for the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) meeting held November 13, 2008. RECOMMENDED ACTION: Information Only

Briefing Item

Recommended Motion

Fiscal Impact:

Background/Discussion: The Minutes for November 13, 2008 were approved by the AAC on December 9, 2008. Attachments: Attachment 1:

AAC Minutes for November 13, 2008

Approved by:

Rick Fernandez, General Manager Nancy Skowbo, Deputy General Manager, Service Development

Prepared by:

Mallory Nestor-Brush, Accessible Service Manager Kim Huffman, Senior Administrative Assistant

Date Prepared:

December 10, 2008


Approved as Recommended [ ] Approved with Modification(s) [ ]


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The above order was passed on: . Linda A. Nemeroff, District Secretary By

GM Memo 08-309 Attachment 1 AAC Minutes


Meeting came to order at 1:00 beginning with a Segway demonstration. 1. Roll Call and Introduction of Guests AAC members present: Janet Abelson, Chair Joseph Chianese, Vice Chair Pam Fadem Jim Gonsalves Burrill Hansen Carolyn Montgomery Christopher Pangilinan John Partridge Alan Reade Don Queen Hale Zukas AAC members absent: Joe Bischofberger (excused)

Dolores Dyer (excused)


Mallory Nestor-Brush, Accessible Services Manager Kim Huffman, Senior Administrative Assistant Abel Perreira, Jr., Passenger Lift Maintenance Supervisor Greg Harper, Board of Directors Michael Flocchini, Training and Education Department Manager Francis Masson, Accessible Services Specialist


Owen Cooper Mary Fowler Jerry Grace Gregory Jurnin Steve Steinberg, Segway of Oakland

2. Order of Agenda The order of the agenda was approved. 3. Approval of Minutes MOTION: Gonsalves/Montgomery approved the AAC minutes of the October 14, 2008 meeting. 7 Yeas. 4 Abstentions. 4. Public Comment Jerry Grace reported that he is happy that Measure VV passed in the November elections.

5. Chairs Report Chair Abelson reported that although Measure VV passed, it is unclear as to how fares will be impacted, if at all. Chair Abelson also reported that Measure KK, a Berkeley Ballot that would have required voter approval before bus-only lanes could be installed on city streets, was rejected. Chair Abelson also commented that there should be a video tutorial people can access to learn how to ride the bus on AC Transit’s website. Chair Abelson asked that this item be agendized for the December meeting. 6. Board Liaison Report Greg Harper reported that in the last few weeks, the Governor has called the legislature back in regarding the budget. The Governor is proposing a $14 million cut from the 2008–2009 budget. If the proposal is accepted, the Board may consider service cuts. Because measure VV was passed on the basis that fares would not increase, fares are expected to remain the same for a while. The General Manager is bringing a service cut plan to the Board in January or February 2009. Director Harper reported that he, Directors Wallace, Peeples and Kaplan all won their elections. Director Kaplan, who was elected City of Oakland Council member, is resigning in January and her successor will be appointed in February. Director Harper also mentioned how hard it has been to hear the automated voice announcements on some of the buses. He wondered if the volume could be adjusted, especially when the bus is crowded. Mallory suggested that Sally Goodman, the GIS Analyst assigned to the AVA project, speak with the AAC at the December meeting. 7. Service Review Advisory Committee (SRAC) Report Chair Abelson reported that the SRAC met on October 31st and discussed the BART budget which could impact Paratransit service. The committee also discussed the pending implementation of the interview based eligibility certification for Paratransit. The new process would require new and renewal certifications to interview in person. Interview based certifications will begin in North Alameda County. The SRAC also discussed missing Regional Paratransit stop signs at BART stations. BART will do a site visit of all stations and replace any missing signs. The SRAC also discussed what the committee could do to assist in coordinating regional trips. 8. ACTIA PAPCO Report Hale reported that the PAPCO committee adopted the 2009 goals which were set in the previous meeting.

9. Review of Lift/Ramp Road Call Report Pam commented that several calls are marked “did not fail for tech” or “operator error”. Abel explained that if his crew goes out on a road call and the lift/ramp does not show the same problem, or if the operator did not cycle the lift/ramp completely, then the tech will mark the road call as a non fail and/or operator error. Pam suggested decals or laminated cards for the drivers which show the order for cycling the lift/ramp. 10. Discussion of EPAMD Policy Prior to the committee meeting, the AAC viewed the boarding and securement of Segways on both a low floor bus and a high floor lift bus. Jim feels that it’s not realistic to have Segways on the buses because Segways would not be able to maneuver around obstacles such as wheelchairs and baby strollers. Hale stated that Jim’s argument is false and the fact is that there is no difference between an EPAMD and a wheelchair when is comes to maneuvering around obstacles Pam commented that she feels more confident that Segways could be safely used on AC Transit after seeing the boarding & securement, taking a ride on the bus, and witnessing the securements hold the Segway safely while in route. However, she is concerned if the Segway user is a good driver. If a wheelchair user is not a good driver, a wheelchair can’t fall onto someone like a Segway might if the user loses control. Hale responded that Segway users would be tested as to their competency per the policy the AAC develops. Jerry stated that Owen had no trouble on the ramp and the only issue on the lift was that the fare box made it difficult to maneuver the Segway into the securement area. Greg Jurnin stated he was impressed that there is another mode of transportation to use on the buses making it easier for disabled people to travel independently. He was happy to see that the Segway did not take up as much room in the securement area as he thought it might. The Segway took up the space of just one flip seat on the Van Hool. Don stated the Segway takes 2 – 3 seats on the NABI, decreasing the number of seats for other passengers. Don also stated that Segways do not have the same legal standing as wheelchairs. Abel clarified that on the 2800 NABI, which is the bus used for the demonstration, the flip up seats in the securement area are connected . So, to flip one would be to flip three. The Segway, in this case, takes the same amount of space as a wheelchair.

Chair Abelson requested the Draft EPAMD policy be added to the December AAC Packet for the committee to discuss at the next meeting. 11. Member Communications and Announcements None. 12. Staff Communications and Announcements None. 13. Set Next Agenda and Meeting Date The next AAC Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 at 1:00 pm on the 10th Floor of 1600 Franklin Street. Agenda items will include Update on Automated Voice Announcement (AVA) System and Review of the Draft Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD) Policy. 17. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 3:42 p.m.