ACCA Course Timetable FEB2016

Your Smarter ACCA at City Colleges COURSE TIMETABLES February - June 2016 Exams ACCA Paper Lecturer Evening Start Ad...

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Your Smarter ACCA at City Colleges COURSE TIMETABLES February - June 2016 Exams ACCA Paper




Additional Classes

F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 P1 P2 P3 P5 P6 P7

Owen O'Reilly Claire Phelan Claire Phelen Brendan Foley Shaun Browne* Mel Kilkenny Dr Barry Smith Shaun Browne* Mel Kilkenny Owen O'Reilly Kathleen Regan Owen O'Reilly Martin Corboy Mel Kilkenny Shaun Browne*

Thursdays Mondays Wednesdays Tuesdays 6 Weekend days Tuesdays Thursdays 6 Weekend days Wednesdays Tuesdays 7 Weekend days Mondays Wednesdays Mondays 6 Weekend days

11-Feb 15-Feb 17-Feb 16-Feb 20-Feb 08-Feb 11-Feb 21-Feb 10-Feb 09-Feb 20-Feb 08-Feb 10-Feb 08-Feb 26-Feb

13 Mar, 2 Apr 05-Mar 12-Mar

Accountant in Business Management Accounting Financial Accounting Corporate and Business Law Performance Management Taxation Financial Reporting Audit and Assurance Financial Management Governance, Risk and Ethics Corporate Reporting Business Analysis Advanved Performance Mgt Advanced Taxation Advanced Audit & Assurance

*F5, F8 and P7 with Shaun Browne are weekend classes MOCKS: Flexible options - 16/17/23/24 of May - Suit yourself. Please note the above timetables may be subject to changes


21/23/28 Apr 7/8/9/11 May 21/22/23/25 May 3/10/17 May 20/28 Feb, 12 Mar, 3/17/23 Apr 6/7/8 May 6 Mar,10 Apr 9/14/15/16/23/30 May 02-Apr 5/12/14/19/26 May 21 Feb, 5/13 Mar, 9/15/16/22 Apr 27, 28, & 29 May 17-Apr 7/8/11/18/25 May 12-Mar 3/10/17/22/26 May 20/28 Feb, 13 Mar, 2/3/9/23 Apr 6/7/20/21 May 5 & 25 Mar 9/14/15/19 May 16-Apr 7, 11, 18, 25 May 28 Feb, 3 April 9/14/15/16/23/30 May 26/27 Feb, 6/11 Mar, 2/10/24 Apr 20, 21 & 22 May

Exam CBE CBE CBE 10-Jun 08-Jun 09-Jun 07-Jun 06-Jun 10-Jun 08-Jun 07-Jun 09-Jun 08-Jun 09-Jun 06-Jun

Mon to Fri Classes: F papers: 6.30-9.30pm, P papers 6.30-9.45, all Sat to Sun Classes 9.30 - 5.00pm Friday Revision classes 2-5.30pm

City Colleges: Your Smarter ACCA

COURSE FEES Complete Course


(includes Revision/Mock)











* Experienced, exam focused lecturers * City centre location South Great George's Street, D2 * Classes also STREAMED LIVE Online * Classes also Recorded. Pause & Rewind * BPP ACCA Platinum Approved Materials * Mock with flexible dates included

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