Jordan River Commission August  15,  2013   9:00  am  -­  11:00  am   Taylorsville  City  Hall   2600  West  Taylorsvill...

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Jordan River Commission August  15,  2013   9:00  am  -­  11:00  am   Taylorsville  City  Hall   2600  West  Taylorsville  Blvd.   Taylorsville,  Utah  84128    

AGENDA   1. Consent Agenda

9:00 am

a. Approve Agenda b. Approve Minutes – June 20, 2013, Governing Board Meeting 2. Public Comment Period

9:05 am

This is a time for members of the general public to provide comment on items not specifically listed for discussion in the agenda. Comments will be limited to three minutes per speaker, and the entire public comment period is limited to fifteen minutes. 3. Director’s Report & Financial Report

9:20 am

4. Technical Advisory Committee Report

9:30 am

5. New Business


a. Consider adoption of proposed Nepotism and Conflicts of Interest Policy

9:45 am

b. Consider approval of new Technical Advisory Committee Members

9:55 am


10:10 am

Set agenda for Strategic Planning Session – September 19, 2013

Presentation: Big Bend Habitat Restoration Project Update - Charles Tarver, West Jordan

10:25 am

7. Presentation: Crowd Sourced Preservation with - Gabe Epperson

10:40 am

8. Other Business

10:55 am

9. Confirm Next Meeting September 19, 2013. 9:00 am, Taylorsville City Hall

11:00 am

Adjourn Optional Field Trip: 9000 South Trail Connection & Big Bend Restoration Project See attached map

  Governing Board action may be taken on any agenda item during the meeting. Per Utah’s Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code 52-4-101 et sec), a closed meeting may be held for the following purposes, 1) the character/professional competence/health of a person; 2) strategies for collective bargaining; 3) pending or imminent litigation; 4) the price of real property; 5) security personnel or devices; or, 6) criminal misconduct allegations. People with disabilities may make requests for reasonable accommodation no later than 48 hours in advance of Jordan River Commission Board meetings. Accommodations may include alternate formats, interpreters, and other auxiliary aids. The meeting locations rotate, but should all be accessible facilities. For questions or additional information, please contact the Executive Director at 801-536-4815, or [email protected]. In accordance with State Statute and Board Policy, one or more Board Members may be connected via speakerphone.