Friday, December 2, 2011: Oregon Civics Day for Educators. It’s the Law! OREGON CIVICS CONFERENCE FOR TEACHERS State Ca...

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Friday, December 2, 2011: Oregon Civics Day for Educators. It’s the Law!


DRAFT AGENDA updated 11/28/11

Classroom Law Project offers a special thanks to the Office of the Oregon Secretary of State and Saling Foundation for their generous support of this conference and civic education Galleria, Capitol Building, 1st floor




Welcome Senate Chambers and Gallery Marilyn Cover, Executive Director Classroom Law Project Law-Related Educator of the Year Award: Richard English, Parkrose High School

9:00-10:10 Breakout Session I 1. Elections 101 C, H Don DeFord, Rosalyn Lever – Secretary of State’s Office, Elections Division Location: Hearing Room C 2. Woman Suffrage: Century of Action C, M, H Prof. Kimberly Jensen – Western Oregon University Location: Hearing Room E 3. Project Citizen E, M, H Paul Nolan – Teacher Sunridge Middle School, Pendleton Location: Hearing Room F 10:25-11:35 Breakout Session II 4. Gearing Up for Elections 2012 C Janie Har – The Oregonian; Len Bergstein – Political Analyst (tbc) Location: Hearing Room C 5. Yes! to Violent Video Games? Exploring Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Assn. M, H Hon. Sue Leeson – Oregon Supreme Court, retired Location: Hearing Room F 6. Girls Get to Vote, Too! E, M Marilyn Cover – Executive Director Classroom Law Project Location: Hearing Room E


LUNCH Location: Hearing Room 350 (3rd floor) Grab and go: okay to eat here or take your sandwich elsewhere in the building. Holiday music in the Capitol Rotunda. Also: 12:10-12:40 optional tours (assemble at 12:05, leaving at 12:10) 1. Golden Pioneer (weather permitting) or Governor’s office, or 2. Supreme Court Courtroom For both, meet at registration table, Galleria


Governor Kitzhaber Location: Hearing Room F

Please be prompt!

1:30-2:40 Breakout Session III 7. Secretary of State – What’s That About? Kate Brown – Oregon Secretary of State Location: Hearing Room C


8. Education Policy in Oregon, Where Is It Headed? C Ben Cannon – Education Policy Advisor to the Governor Location: Hearing Room F 2:55-4:00 Breakout Session IV 9. Unpacking the Court: Understanding Oregon’s Judicial Branch C, M, H Hon. Thomas Balmer – Oregon Supreme Court Location: Hearing Room C 10. Peeling the Onion: Oregon Econ without Tears C, M, H Steve Novick – Economic Analyst, Civic Leader, Candidate Location: Hearing Room E 11. iCivics: Gaming for Government E, M, H Paul Nolan – Teacher, Sunridge Middle School, Pendleton Location: Hearing Room F 4:00-4:15

Closing remarks, paperwork (remain in your workshop)



You are welcome to attend any workshop. The following code may help you decide. C: Citizen – workshops are appropriate for all; they provide information to help you in your role as a citizen of Oregon. E: Elementary – teachers of elementary grades will find classroom-ready information. M: Middle – teachers of middle grades will find information they can use in the classroom. H: High – high school teachers will learn content that may be used in classrooms.