Aladdin Jr

Audition Date & Time: Thunder Ridge Arts Council __________ ____ Name: __________________________________________ Teac...

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Audition Date & Time: Thunder Ridge Arts Council

__________ ____

Name: __________________________________________ Teacher________________________________ Age: _____ Gender: _____________ Grade: _____ Hair color: _________

CONTACT INFORMATION: Mother/Father/Guardian Name: _________________________________________ (parent name)

Address: ________________________________________ (street)

_________________________________________ (city/state/zip)

Phone(s): Home: __________________________________ Cell: ___________________________________ Work: __________________________________ Email address(es): _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Please answer the following questions: Do they have any special talents or are they involved in extracurricular activities? (ie. singing, dancing, gymnastics, juggling, stage combat, language, dialects, other?) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Has your child been in any plays or musicals and if so, what were their roles? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Some of the dances will be physically strenuous. Are there any health concerns that may keep your child from participating fully? If yes, please explain: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Is there any additional information or concerns we should be aware of (allergies etc.)? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Are there any talents, skills, or materials that your family would be willing to help with or contribute to the program? (set building, costume making, make-up, construction materials, marketing and advertising, etc.)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ How will the student typically get to and from musical practice (A-Track students should not expect to stay for B-Track) ? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please initial below if you agree to the requirements for participation in the school musical:


It is crucial that all cast members be in attendance for ALL performances and commit to miss no more than two rehearsals (for emergencies only). Please review the schedule and list any conflicts below. W Rehearsals – Every Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:00 (Until 6:00 on April 28 th & 30 th , and until 6:30 May 5 th & 7 th )

W Full Dress Rehearsal: May 12 th : Call time @5:30 - Completion (around 8:30) W School Preview – May 13 th : call time 8:00 am, Show starts at 9:30am.

W Performances - May 14 th (6:30), 15 th (6:30), 16 th (3:30 and 6:30), and 18 th (6:30): Call Time is 5:30 (for 6:30 shows) and 2:30 (for the matinee) W Please list any schedule conflicts: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________


Please DO NOT CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE if you are cast, without the consent of the Director!

Parent Signature _________________________________________________________________________