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AQA English Language and Literature - Download | Read | PDF | EPUB Written by GCSE examiners, this ultimate study guide...

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AQA English Language and Literature - Download | Read | PDF | EPUB

Written by GCSE examiners, this ultimate study guide offers in-depth coverage of the AQA GCSE English Language & Literature course to provide students with everything they need for exam success. Practice questions, model answers and examiners' comments provide essential exam practice and help students to improve exam technique. *Complete coverage if the new AQA specifications *Key facts highlight essential information *'Progress check' questions test learning *Model GCSE answers show what examiners are looking for *Includes two complete GCSE-style question papers at the back of the book for further practice in the build up to the exams *Functional skills are fully covered, including a number of questions testing FS in the sample questions and practice sections This guide is for the new GCSE English specifications and is suitable for students starting the course from September 2010 onwards. If you started your course before this date (e.g. in September 2009), you will be following a different specification and need the guide for the 2010/2011 exams.

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