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Samantha F. Alina’s Story This is a story about Alina. She was 13 years old when she died. But she more than anything wa...

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Samantha F. Alina’s Story This is a story about Alina. She was 13 years old when she died. But she more than anything wants to have revenge on the girls who let her die. But she can’t because she is stuck in the haunted cave where she died. So Alina asked the other haunted souls how to get out of this cave. They said Alina has to control the people that go near the cave and make them open the door that can only can be opened by a human being. Then a few minutes later somebody came and opened the door without Alina controlling him. So Alina came out as fast as she could and flow right to the house of Gabby and was having a sleepover party with the tow other girls that let Alina die. Their names were Araceli and Samantha. So Alina knocked on the front door waiting for the girls to answer the door. But they didn’t here because their music was so loud. So Alina flow around the house looking for the room that they were in. Finally, Alina found them and knocked on the window. Then, the music stopped and Gabby opened the window. Alina flow in and took their souls. And left their bodies. Then, Alina went to her old house to see her family. But, nobody was there. Accept for a small spirit. The small spirit asked how Alina died. Alina said, “that’s a very sad story for me to remember”. But, Alina still told her. “So, one day me and my friends Gabby, Samantha, and Araceli went to this scary old cave that trains pass through. So, we were walking around the cave. Then, a train came and I was walking on the side and they were walking on the other side. Then, we saw this mysterious person walking around too. He or she came closer and closer. Then right when the train came he or she pushed me and I died. I was really mad that my friends didn’t try to

help me. But ever since trains can’t go through the cave and that’s how I died.” Then the spirit disappeared into the night. But then, a car drove up the driveway and Alina remembered that car it was her Moms. She was so happy to see them, but they couldn’t see Alina. So Alina flow to the kitchen as fast as she could and poured some flour on herself so they can see her. Alina just waited in the living room for them and once they came in they were happy to see Alina. But their happiness had to end. Alina may be able to see her family again but, she doesn’t deserve them because Alina ruined her friends lives. So Alina went to her friends old houses and apologized so much so Alina can live with her family again. But one thing you know for certain is that Alina can live the rest of her undead life happily.