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Children's Church Ministries - David Teaching point: We must be chastened to do the will and the work of God David is in period costume. The actor should be in his late teens. He should wear sandals and a tunic. He should carry a sling shot. Although forceful he must take care not to frighten or intimidate the children. David must "stay in character" at all times so must be careful not to look around at, or notice, anyone in the congregation as he comes in or as he leads the children out of the church. In addition, it is extremely important that the actor conduct himself in such a way as to be entertaining and exciting but he must be very careful not to come across as a comedy act. This drama is meant to inspire stimulating, arousing interest yet with a theme of dignified, sober sincerity. Pronunciation, meaning & background David {daw-veed'} rarely fully), Daviyd {daw-veed'} or: dowd {dode} or {shortened) dod {dode} David means "beloved" youngest son of Jesse and second king of Israel beloved, uncle, love(s), father's brother, well beloved beloved, love, uncle The actor should thoroughly read the account of David in the Bible, particularly the account of David's meeting with the giant, Goliath, in 1 Samuel 17. Prior to David entering the sanctuary, the pastor invites the children to come to the front of the church. Pastor says: The great thing about Children's Church is that you get to learn about God and about people in the Bible who have served God. And this morning we have a special treat for you! We have a very special person coming to talk to you in Children's Church this morning. David enters sanctuary from side door: Good morning! My name is David. I'm sure that all of you have heard of me. This morning we are going to go to your Sunday School room and talk about giants. Can anyone tell me what a giant is? . . . Many years ago in our land there lived a very large giant named Goliath. He was pant of the army of our enemy and everyone in our army was afraid of him. I decided that I must fight the giant. But rather than a sword I used this. Does anyone know what this is called? . . . . . . It is called a slingshot. You search for smooth stones and put them right here and the stone flies through the air very fast. I was very proud to do the right thing for God. But, I'm sad to say, I didn't always do the right things. And when I did wrong God chastened me. That means God corrected me so that he could improve me, make me better. Now let's go to your room and we will talk about how things were back when I was on earth. And we will also talk about how God sometimes corrects us so that He can make us a better person. Before we go though, let's pray. "Dear God, I thank You for these children and for their interest in learning about You. Bless these children, their families and their leaders. We pray in Your name. Amen." David takes the hand of a couple of the smallest children and leads them all down the aisle and out the back doors of the sanctuary. Children's Church Ministries – David Copyright DramaShare 1993

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David delivers the following story to the children: I grew up as a shepherd boy. All day long I would look after my sheep. It was hard work for a young boy but I enjoyed it. One day my father asked me to take some food out to my older brothers who were soldiers in our army. When I neared the camp where the army was living, I heard an awful roar. Someone said, "Who would dare go near Goliath?" I had never heard of Goliath so I couldn't understand what all the excitement was about. My older brother, Eliab, explained to me that Goliath was a huge giant, a member of the Philistine army. (The Philistines were our enemies and we were at war with them. This Goliath was over 9 feet tall! That is so tall that he wouldn't be able to stand up straight inside your house, his head would touch the ceiling. Goliath walked toward our army making fun of us. He said, "All you people are afraid of me. Why doesn't someone from your army come and fight me? Whoever loses will be a slave to the other person's country. You keep talking about your God but your God can't protect you from me." All of our soldiers were very frightened of Goliath, but it made me angry that this person would talk bad about our God. It was one thing to make fun of us, but he had no right to make fun of God! So I said to the king, "I will go and defeat Goliath". All of the army, including my three older brothers laughed at me. But I insisted. So the king finally agreed. He gave me a shield and a helmet and a sword. But by the time I had all this equipment on I couldn't move, it was too heavy for a little kid like me to carry. I told the king that all I needed was my slingshot because I knew that God would be with me. I went down by the stream and picked out some nice smooth stones and prepared to meet Goliath! As I walked toward the giant, all the Philistines were laughing at me. Goliath roared at me and said, "What does that little kid think he is doing, coming out to fight with me, the champion?" But I didn't bother listening to Goliath, I was talking to God because I knew that He was right there with me. I had used this slingshot often to protect my sheep from bears and lions, and I was very accurate. When I got up close to Goliath I put a stone in my slingshot and whirled it around and around. At just the perfect moment I let the stone go. It went straight at Goliath's forehead and Goliath fell down dead. With God's help I had killed the giant. I had been able to do this because I had done what God wanted me to do and God had rewarded me. When we do what God expects of us, God helps us in what we do. But there also were times in my life when I didn't listen to God and I did things which were wrong. Those times God chastened me, he corrected me. God did this because He loved me and He wanted the best for me. The same is true for you children as well. God wants you to follow Him and to be the very best you can be. We please God by being the very best we can be. Now has anyone got a question for me? ............ I must leave now but before I go, let's talk to God. Bow your heads and close your eyes. God, I thank you that these children are here in church today to learn more about you. Look after them in the coming week. Be with them and their families. I pray in your name. Amen. David leaves. Children's Church Ministries – David Copyright DramaShare 1993

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