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Volume 6, Issue 2

Newsletter available on-line subscribe at www.ipssatexas.com

February 2016

SOUTHWEST POOL & SPA SHOW - SAN ANTONIO The 2016 Southwest Pool & Spa show was well attended, with a wide variety of educational classes, the show room was busy all weekend with attendees getting to see the latest products of the pool and spa industry. There is always something new to discover and learn. The best contacts are formed in events like this show in San Antonio.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Southwest Pool & Spa Show ···· 1 Chapter Meeting Date & Place ·· 2 Calendar ····························· 3 Clay Shoot Challenge ············· 3 Region News ························ 4 Pool Quiz····························· 5 Fort Worth Chapter Mentoring Program ········································· 8 Region Board Meetings ··········· 12 Ask Ray ······························ 13 IPSSA Award Recipients ······· 14 Birthdays ····························· 16 Visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ipssatexas

If you have not been part of this show in the past make sure to put it on your “bucket” list for next year.

PUBLISHED BY IPSSA TEXAS How to reach us: Ingrid Slagle Editor/Webmaster [email protected] 817-304-7244 7186 Baker Blvd. Richland Hills, TX 76118

CHAPTER MEMBER MEETINGS AUSTIN MEMBER MEETING Cherry Creek Catfish Company 5712 Manchaca Rd. Austin. TX 78745 First Tuesday of the month 6:00pm Todd Swearingen President 512-326-4695 Keith Timm Vice President 512-636-3750 Jehery Graves Secretary 512-385-2378 Will Pietri Treasurer 512-351-0323 AUSTIN NORTH MEMBER MEETING Cedar Park Library 550 Discovery Blvd. Cedar Park, TX 78613 Second Tuesday of the month 6:00pm Rick Beaubouef President 512-466-9672 Shane Applegate Vice President 512-487-4264 Rayan Haring Secretary 512-884-6529 Javier Lardone Treasurer 512-736-2949 CORPUS CHRISTI MEMBER MEETING Schitterbahn Veranda Restaurant 14353 Commodores Drive Corpus Christi, Texas 78418 First Thursday of the month 6:30pm Mike Baker President 361-563-7665 Wade Deshazer Vice President 361-658-8581 Randall Sparks Secretary 361-548-7220 Michael Holzer Treasurer 361-815-0936

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DALLAS MEMBER MEETING Tony’s Diner 3367 Beltline Garland, TX 75044 Fourth Tuesday - 5:30pm Eustaquio Portillo President 214-325-6746 James Stapleton Vice President 972-422-7665 Brian McDonald Secretary 972-238-0008 Juan Colunga Treasurer 214-478-2360

HOUSTON WEST MEETING Texas Land & Cattle 12313 Katy Fwy. Houston, TX 77079 First Monday of the month 7pm Earl Jones President 832-573-8279 Troy Bowzer Vice President 281-849-7665 James Lundberg Secretary 832-875-5680 David Howard Treasurer 832-689-5636

FORT WORTH MEMBER MEETING La Playa Maya Restaurant 1540 N. Main Street Fort Worth, TX 76106 Third Tuesday of the month 6:30pm Tina Slagle President 817-991-0555 Jason Sanchez Vice President 817-9018363 Barton Barber Secretary 817-229-8535 John Powers Treasurer 817-453-5426

MID CITIES MEMBER MEETING SCP Carrollton 2107 Hutton Dr., Carrollton, TX 75006 First Monday of the month 7:00pm Casey Gardner President 469-835-5674 Jeremy Smith Vice President 214-695-8717 Barry Luckie Secretary 817-691-0267 Mike Bomalick Treasurer 469-939-7647

HOUSTON MEMBER MEETING IHop 11225 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77079 Second Tuesday of the month 7:00pm Bryan Norris President 713-234-7649 David Queen Vice President 281-807-5442 James Schultz Secretary 713-703-1688 Doug Dinkins Treasurer 281-794-6644

SAN ANTONIO MEETING Palenque Grill 389 North Loop 1604 W San Antonio, TX 78232 First Monday of the month Officers Meeting 6:00 pm Chapter Meeting 6:30 pm John Michael Clark President 210-5457727 Martin Fowler Vice President 210-659-6529 Jorge Martinez Secretary 210-549-7665 Mark Posson Treasurer 210-725-5889

HOUSTON CLEAR LAKE MEETING Red River BBQ 1911 Hwy. 518 at 270 League City, TX 77573 Fourth Tuesday of the month 7:00pm Jim Jacobsmeyer President 281-787-6116 Brett Dawson Vice President 281-724-9650 Donnie Jones Secretary 832-275-0612 David Potts Treasurer 832-840-0887 HOUSTON NORTH MEETING Spring Creek Barbeque 19099 I-45 South Shenandoah, TX 77385 Third Thursday of the month 7pm Dave Harling President 281-256-7886 Andrew Hillmeyer Vice President 832-5854424 Stephen Titone Secretary 281-773-8643 Rolland Gillman Treasurer 936-355-0370

TARRANT COUNTY MEMBER MEETING El Chico 7621 Baker Blvd Richland Hills, TX 76118 First Tuesday of the month 7:00pm Will Ainsworth President 817-987-8580 Jason Wilson Vice President 817-366-1200 Jeff Corley Secretary 817-975-3186 Chris Byars Treasurer 817-597-5132 WAXAHACHIE MEMBER MEETING Denny’s 408 Westchase Drive Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Second Wednesday of the month 7:00am Thomas Sheehy President 214-395-0143 Neal Holt Vice President 972-617-9877 Bob Bauer Treasurer 214-577-4843 Gary Harrell Secretary 817-896-7655

February 2016 Sun


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16 Meetings














Meetings Austin, Tarrant County

Meetings Houston West, Mid Cities, San Antonio,



Meetings Austin North, Houston

Fort Worth

Meetings Dallas, Houston Clear Lake

Meetings Waxahachie,

Meetings Corpus Christy

*Meetings Houston North

B.O.R.D. and Leadership Meeting - California -


Come on out and “Pull for Pools” You are “Challenged” to a day of fun and relaxation on March 26th 2016! Teams are $500 for 4 shooters, Individual shooters are $125 and will be matched with others to form up teams. Registration Begins In January! Each registered shooter will receive a gift bag filled with goodies donated by our sponsors as well as a meal ticket for a BBQ Lunch, plus 5 tickets for door prize drawings. Additional tickets for the drawings are available for $5 each. Tickets for the Gun Raffle are $10 each. Attendance is free for non-shooters, BBQ meal tickets are $20 ea. APEC will be providing a continental breakfast for the attendees. APEC is the beneficiary of the Gun Raffle proceeds as well as a portion of the proceeds from the event. There will be Awards and Prizes for Top Team Score, Top Individual Score, 2 nd Place Team Score, 2nd Place Individual Score, 3rd Place Team Score, 3rd Place Individual, Bottom Team Score, Bottom Individual Score. Sign-in/registration begins at 7:30 a.m. with a mandatory safety orientation at 8:30. 1st Flight starts at 9 a.m. Lunch will be served at 11:30 with the Awards and Prize Drawings beginning at Noon. You will need to provide your own shotgun & ammunition, 7 ½, 8, or 9 shot sizes ONLY! Ammo is available for purchase on site at ALPINE RANGE. Eye and ear protection is required, and will be provided in your gift bag. If you do not have a shotgun to use, ALPINE RANGE does rent shotguns for $15.00 (Alpine Range course use only). March 26th 2016 Event Sign-In/Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. Contact Will Ainsworth Event Coordinator at 817-987-8580 ALPINE SHOOTING RANGE 5482 Shelby Rd Fort Worth TX 76140

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UPCOMING EVENTS Region Meetings B.O.R.D. Meeting February 5, 2016 - California Region 9 Board Meeting April 9th, Houston Region 12 Board Meeting April 16th, Waxahachie

Region 9 Executive Board Director - Becky Clayson 210-240-3121 Secretary - Earl Jones 832-573-8279 Treasurer - Will Pietri 512-351-0323 Austin - Todd Swearinger 512-326-4695 Austin North - Rick Beaubouef 512-466-9672 Corpus Christi - Mike Baker 361-563-7665 Houston - Bryan Norris 713-234-7649 Houston Clear Lake Jim Jacobsmeyer 281-787-6116 Houston North - Dave Harling 281-256-7886 San Antonio - John Michael Clark 210-545-7727

Region 12 Executive Board Director - Jason S. Lehmann 817-605-0194

Phil Sharp, the founding father of IPSSA in Texas, received the special Terry Cowles award at the Southwest Pool & Spa show, that was held in San Antonio in January 2016. Phil has worked relentlessly to widen IPSSA’s presence in several different states throughout his years with IPSSA. This is a well deserved recognition of his efforts. History In 2006 IPSSA, Inc. initiated the Terry Cowles Memorial Award. This award IS given each year to the IPSSA member who best meets the criteria outlined below. Demonstrated professionalism Service to IPSSA Assistance to others in the pool and spa service industry Contributions to the community Terry Cowles was a longtime outstanding member of IPSSA. He was involved in the creation of the IPSSA Benevolent Fund. Award The award consists of an inscribed plaque and complimentary dinner tickets, hotel room for the recipient and a guest to attend the next annual IPSSA leadership banquet, and a check in the amount of $1,000.00. The official award is presented at the IPSSA leadership banquet.

Secretary - Neal Holt 214-837-5884 Treasurer - Bob Bauer 214-577-4843 Dallas - Eustaquio Portillo 214-325-6746 Fort Worth - Tina Slagle 817-991-0555 Mid Cities - Casey Gardner 469-835-5674 Tarrant County - Will Ainsworth 817-987-8580 Waxahachie - Thomas Sheehy 214-395-0143

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1. Total alkalinity is a measure of the total amount of alkaline materials dissolved in the water - usually carbonates (CO3=), bicarbonates (HCO3-) and hydroxides (OH-). A. True B. False 2. Phenol red, the reagent used for measuring pH, is only valid in these ranges: A. 6.8 to 8.2 B. 6.0 to 8.0 C. 4.0 to 9.0 D. 1.0 to 14.0 3. The chemical to use to raise both pH and total alkalinity is: A. Sodium bicarbonate B. Soda ash C. Sodium hydroxide D. Sodium bisulfate 4. The current APSP Guideline for residential pools states that the Ideal recommended chlorine level is: A. 1.0 to 3.0 ppm B. 2.0 to 4.0 ppm C. 1.5 to 3.0 ppm D. 3.0 to 5.0 ppm

TRY ME starting at $350.00

5. OTO (ortho-tolidine) reagent is cancer causing according to NIOSH and OSHA. A. True B. False 6. Water covers 75 percent of the earth, 97 percent is salt water and 3 percent is fresh water. A. True B. False 7. The goal of “perfectly balanced water” is to have a Saturation Index of 0.00 A. True B. False 8. The most commonly used sanitizer and disinfectant in the swimming pool and hot tub industry is chlorine. A. True B. False

North Texas: Jami Pittman 214.507.5658 [email protected]

South Texas: Garrett Thibodeaux 281.786.9210 [email protected]

West Texas: Mick Hayes 281.853.4549 [email protected]

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FORT WORTH CHAPTER MENTORING PROGRAM This month I have been mentoring a new person in the pool business. Cody Foster is a newcomer to the business and is considering joining the elite team of pool professionals and IPSSA. After a few talks on the phone with me and a few others, I offered to show him a few things to see if the pool business is the right fit for him. IPSSA has always prided itself on being the cream of the crop and I like to help develop and continue mentoring fellow pool professionals. We have had some good times. If anyone in the Fort Worth chapter wishes to mentor or is in need of mentoring, please bring this to the board so we can put you on the list. I am so proud to be a member of Fort Worth IPSSA and it’s chapter president. Tina Slagle Ft. Worth Chapter President

From left to right: Paul Nelson Sergeant at Arms, Cody Foster (pool tech in training) and Tina Slagle, Fort Worth chapter president

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North Texas: Jami Pittman 214.507.5658 [email protected]

South Texas: Garrett Thibodeaux 281.786.9210 [email protected]

West Texas: Mick Hayes 281.853.4549 [email protected]

TRY ME starting at $350.00

North Texas: Jami Pittman 214.507.5658 [email protected] South Texas: Garrett Thibodeaux 281.786.9210 [email protected] West Texas: Mick Hayes 281.853.4549 [email protected]

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TEXAS REGION BOARD’s Region 12 board meeting January 16th 2016 in Carrollton

Region 9 and Region 12 have new officers for the 2016-2018 term. A mutual meeting between the regions is being considered. Texas is a big state as we all know and our mutual interests of furthering our leading industry group would be a benefit for all IPSSA members here is Texas.

Region 9 board meeting January 21st 2016 in San Antonio

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Ray Arouesty is President of Arrow Insurance Service and IPSSA’s endorsed insurance provider.

Natural Chemistry: Ryan Rickaby 909-815-9602 [email protected] North Texas: Jami Pittman 214.507.5658 [email protected] South Texas: Garrett Thibodeaux 281.786.9210 [email protected] West Texas: Mick Hayes 281.853.4549 [email protected]

FOR SALE NEW AUTO PILOT SALT SYSTEM Digital Power Supply 220V standard, can be converted to 110V

Question: A customer has asked me to replace an inoperable blower on his residential pool heater. When I went to the property I noticed that the heater is installed too close to a wooden fence and it doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s clearance requirements. The customer wants me to just replace the blower, but not move the heater. What should I do? Answer: A pool service tech is regarded as an expert concerning the swimming pool equipment and the risk presented when that equipment is improperly installed. In many states a technician can be liable for failing to warn a customer of the dangers of improperly installed equipment. An improperly installed heater is a safety hazard and we have had claims for fire damage over the years, including the total loss of a home in San Diego. The best approach here is to present your customer with an invoice for repair of the blower AND the re-location of the heater so that it complies with the manufacturers clearance requirements. I’d politely but firmly advise the customer that you are unable to do a partial repair, especially when the heater presents a fire risk. Keep a copy of your invoice even if you don’t get the job. It will be your best proof that you notified the customer if a fire later occurs and your best defense if you are involved in a lawsuit.

ORIGINAL POOL STICK The “Original Pool Stick” or “Jackie’s Helper” Aluminum $45.00 Contact Jason Lehmann 817-605-0194

This patented bypass manifold includes the RC-52 cell, tri-sensor and check valve. For pools up to 52,000 gallons.

Contact Ingrid [email protected] for information

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President of the Year award: Todd Starner, president of IPSSA presented Becky Clayson, former San Antonio president and newly elected Region 9 director, the president of the year award at the Southwest Pool & Spa show.

Gary Harrell, Waxahachie chapter secretary received the Member of the Year award for 2015

Will Ainsworth, president of the Tarrant County chapter in Region 12 also received the president of the year award. Congratulations to you both and thank you for all your work and effort.

Chapter of the Year award: Our IPSSA president Todd Starner also recognized chapters from Region 9 and Region 12 for the Chapter of the Year award, for a job well done. Austin chapter for Region 9 and the Fort Worth chapter for Region 12

IPSSA Texas chose Pentair for the 2015 Vendor of the Year. The Robert Kropp award goes to Tom Hunter, who passed away shortly before his 49th birthday last year. The award was presented to Tom’s co-workers with Pentair. Tom was well loved and respected for his tireless patience and easy going personality. He helped a lot of us out here in the field, always ready to go the extra mile. He is missed!

We appreciate all of our vendors and suppliers. We could not do our jobs without you! Thank you

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