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5th & 6th April 2013


Dr. Bhavna Agarwal MIT COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT Ram Ganga Vihar Phase II, Moradabad (U.P.) 244001, India E-mail : [email protected], Website :

MIT College of Management Announces Two Days International Conference on “Entrepreneurship and New Venture in Emerging Economies” Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Advantage On 5th & 6 th April 2013 About MIT Group of Institutions MIT Group of Institutions, always a step ahead in education, is committed to infusing brilliance into every moment of imparting education. Moradabad Educational Trust is serving as the premier multidisciplinary society dedicated to excellence in all aspects of Technical Education. Therefore, our vision at Moradabad Education Trust is to develop the institution at par with the best institutes in India. MIT Group of Institutions is supported by a well- equipped campus enabling barrier- free education in the streams like Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and Architecture. This Campus is spread across 18 acres of lush greenland consisting of six academic blocks and has well- equipped state of art infrastructure. The MIT College of Management is a part of MIT Group of Institutions running MBA Program. Objective of the Conference More than 20 years have passed since the collapse of the single-party socialist systems, suggesting it is an appropriate time to review the state of play concerning entrepreneurship and economic development, and assess the extent to which current policies are appropriate to developing a sustainable SME sector and promoting entrepreneurship. The main theme of the conference is entrepreneurship and its facilitation by various environmental situations, with special reference to the policies and practices in emerging economies. Business development and growth are major theme in entrepreneurship research field. Researchers found support for the positive relationship between entrepreneurship and growth, especially in case of younger, woman and smaller firms. Besides the conference theme, researchers and practitioners will have the opportunity to share their ideas on the conference theme and the general topics from entrepreneurship focusing on a great variety of interesting questions and current issues that are pertinent to the different tracks. It provides a platform for policy makers, entrepreneurs, industry bodies and researchers to share ideas on the best practices in entrepreneurship growth. Areas of Interest / Call for Papers – Papers should broadly address the conference theme and issues related to Entrepreneurship & New Venture in Emerging Economies. Academicians and professionals are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts and paradigms shift for discussion. Papers could be based on original empirical research or real life case studies relating to Entrepreneurship & New Venture. We invite Research papers, articles, theory papers and case studies on the theme & its various sub themes. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: International Business and Entrepreneurship • • • • • • •

Entrepreneurial role in emerging economies E-governance and entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDPs) Entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges Entrepreneurship and Government policies Entrepreneurship Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

• • • •

Entrepreneurial ecosystem Contemporary issues in venture establishment Impact of globalization on entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship among ethnic and religious minorities International entrepreneurship Logics, Heuristics and Strategies in International Entrepreneurship

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Corporate innovativeness and entrepreneurial spin-offs Techno-entrepreneurship & innovation Software entrepreneurship Technological entrepreneurial opportunities Technology commercialization Technology transfer in entrepreneurship Information & Communication Technology (ICT) & entrepreneurship Design & new technology Service innovation and design Design branding in entrepreneurship Incubation and establishment of design businesses Business communications and entrepreneurship Communications and mass media Family communications and organizational communications in business families

Engineering and Entrepreneurship • Engineering entrepreneurship management • System engineering • Technology Management and entrepreneurship • Sustainable entrepreneurship & engineering • International good practices for entrepreneurship in engineering Education and Entrepreneurship • Patents • Co-teaching with business and public sector • Action oriented learning • Academic entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurial learning in Higher Education Entrepreneurship and Tourism & Hospitality • Entrepreneurship in tourism • Tourism entrepreneurship • Rural tourism and entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship training approaches to tourism Gender/Age and Entrepreneurship • Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship • Women Entrepreneurship in Small & Cottage Industries

• • • • • • •

Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Development Gender Issues and Women Entrepreneurship Push-Pull Factors and Women Entrepreneurship Women Entrepreneurship and Social Security Facilitation of young entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship & ex-service men Entrepreneurship & (voluntary) retirees

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development • Entrepreneurship and economic development • Entrepreneurship& regional development • Rural economic development through entrepreneurship • Agri-business/ Agri-prenuership • Natural resources and new venture opportunities General Topics • Technology and management • Entrepreneurial laws • Entrepreneurial economics • Entrepreneurial Finance • Human resource development in entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurial competency skills • Networks and Entrepreneurship • The Role of Academic Institutions in Fostering Entrepreneurship • Technology Commercialization • Green Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurial Culture • Entrepreneurial Learning and Communities of Practice. • Social Entrepreneurship • Micro finance / BDS – impact and sustainability • Enterprise / Business Process management • Entrepreneurship & Franchising • Entrepreneurship & Tendering • Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Practices • Venture capital & Entrepreneurship • Angel funding & Entrepreneurship • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Patrons Shri Arvind Kumar Goel, Chairman, Moradabad Institute of Technology Shri Y. P. Gupta, Vice Chairman, Moradabad Institute of Technology Shri Pradeep Jain, Vice Chairman, Moradabad Institute of Technology Shri Anil Kumar Agarwal, Secretary, Moradabad Institute of Technology Shri Sudhir Gupta, Treasure & Founder Chairman, Moradabad Institute of Technology Shri Neeraj Kumar Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Moradabad Institute of Technology Shri Adarsh Kumar Agarwal, Past Chai rman, Moradabad Institute of Technology Advisory Board Prof. R. Yadav, Director General, Moradabad Institute of Technology Col. H.V.Goel, Administrative Officer , Moradabad Institute of Technology Prof. Vineet Tirth, Director, Moradabad Institute of Technology Dr. Gurdip Singh, Director, MIT College of Management Dr. Hari Om Agarwal, Director, T&P, MIT College of Management

Conference Chairs & Convener Dr. P. K. Agarwal Prof., Marketing & Advertising Deptt of Management , MIT

Dr. Bhavna Agarwal Prof., Marketing & Strategy Deptt of Management , MIT

Co-Convener Dr.Jeet Singh HOD, Deptt. of Management , MIT

Mr. Kapil Kapoor Head, CRC, Deptt. of Management, MIT

International Committee Dr. Sumit K. Kundu Faculty Director, MIB Program Florida International University, Miami, USA Dr. Vipin Gupta Professor & co-Director, Global Management Center California State University- San Bernardino. Mr. Parram Ajjan C E O, The Matrix Consultancy Gurgaon Dr. D. P. Mahapatra Deptt. Of Neurosciences University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA Prof. B. P. Pettiya Director I.M.S, Ghaziabad

Prof. Anurag Awasthi Director, Indraprastha Institute of Management & Technology, Dehradun Dr. Mamta Gautam University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA Prof. R.N. Jha Director, R & D Vidya Knowledge Park Meerut Dr. Pranavi Garg Curtin College Curtin Bentley Campus, Curtin University BENTLEY, Western Australia

For Further Details Contact Prof. P.K.Agarwal Prof. Bhavna Agarwal Contact No.: +91-8909349059 Contact No.: +91-9045646852 All correspondence will be at MIT COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT, Ram Ganga Vihar Phase II, Moradabad (U.P.) 244001,India E-mail : [email protected], Website :

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5th & 6th April, 2013


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