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Find us on the web at: http://www.htcsd.ca June 15, 2011 End of the Year Procedures The year is quickly coming to a cl...

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Find us on the web at: http://www.htcsd.ca

June 15, 2011

End of the Year Procedures The year is quickly coming to a close. Our students last day is on Thursday, June 29th. They will receive their report cards that day. Teachers will be at the school on Friday, June 30th.

Lost and Found We have many found items that will be set up the week of June 27th in the hallway for students to look at. Please encourage your child to look, and if you have time that week, to look yourself. Any unclaimed items will be cleaned and donated to a group that can make good use of the clothing.

Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day to our entire Dad's. May you have an enjoyable day with your family. Let them spoil you!!

First Communion / Confirmation Congratulations to : Kaili Flanagan, Matthew Ingold, Kiana Avery, Morgan Ferraton, Marissa Gillis, Mikayla Gillis, Joey Prebushewski, Daniel DeGirolamo, Ashlyn Froehlic, Gabrielle Sanson, Dustin Todd, Helena Yee, Michael Blazeiko, Rebeka Flanagan, Emma Ingold, Shane Smuk, Jennifer Todd, Kylie Bitz, Alexander Yee, Breanna Acott, Brydon Bell, Joshua Auger, Sarah Closs, Camille Cole, Anastasia Cornea, Sierra Ducharme, Kaitlyn Gills, James Huckle, Matthew Ingold, Grace Kiefer, Bryten Mantell, Kaitlyn Mullen, Kirkland Mullen, William Pitts, Caylee Storozuk, Mackinlee Winder, Sara Zerff, Cooper Cole, Matthew Flanagan, Jayleen Mantell, Ryan

Zerff, Tailynn Douglas, Luke Busta, Sam Busta, Jane Busta. Congratulations to all who have become closer to God and their communities.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to staff. We wish them good luck in their new positions. We would like to wish the following staff a fond farewell. Mrs. Marla Sawicki, Mrs. Adele Olson, Ms. Joan Kehrig, Mrs. Leahn Froehlich, Mrs. Lisa Busta, Ms. Martin, Ms. Lois Saunders, Mrs. Ev Tremel, and Miss Stacey Rabik. Thank you all for what you have brought to St. Michael’s School and Community over the years. We will miss you.

Band Congratulations to all band members for a super successful year! And as we wrap up this year, plans are already being made for next year. Current grade 5 students are encouraged to join the grade 6 Beginner Band in the fall. Registration forms and instructions for renting instruments can be found on the band website below, or from your school secretary. It is highly recommended to do so before the end June to guarantee instrument availability, and that all materials are ready to go in the fall. Completed forms and post-dated cheques can be submitted to the school office. Current grade 6 and 7 band students are also encouraged to complete and submit a band registration form before the end of the school year. Next year's band program promises to be fun and exciting!

Important Band Meeting for Grade 5 Parents On Thursday, June 23rd, 7 p.m. at St. Mary School, you will have the opportunity to hear what the band program is all about, ask questions, and most importantly, rent an instrument from a St. John's Music representative. Save yourself a trip to Regina while getting your child's band registration form all filled out! --Mr. Jim Mitchell

Active Living Club Mrs. Froehlich, Miss Kehrig, Mrs. Olson, and Mrs. Niewenhuizen would like to thank all the students who participated in our Active Living Club this year. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Pioneer Lodge staff and residents for allowing us this opportunity. Grade 4 students: Alysa Beattie, Rhedina Britton, Brynn Clothier, Madisyn Ferraton, Kelsey Foster, Kamree Hataley, Kylee Hataley, Cheylynee Luch, Jayleen Mantell, Jenna Meili, Cody Miller, Trinity Roberts Grade 5 students: Jaidyn Geini, Alyssa Halverson, Grayson Huber, Emma Schaeffer, Thayne Winder Grade 6 student: Bryce Johnson

SMIT Another year of SMIT is over and I would like to thank our team. They did an excellent job this year planning events for our school to be involved in. I would also like to thank Mrs. Morhart and Ms. Martin for their help this past year. I have enjoyed working with them. I have been a part of SMIT team since 2004. It has been wonderful having had an opportunity to work with our senior students! Good luck to our future SMIT teams! – Mrs. Sawicki

First Day of School – Monday, August 29th