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Compass Quest Unlock Your Future Module 4: Mentorship Mentorship Program: Why participate? What is a mentor? “An expe...

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Compass Quest Unlock Your Future

Module 4: Mentorship

Mentorship Program: Why participate? What is a mentor? “An experienced and trusted adviser’ ‘adviser’ ‘guide’, ‘counselor’, ‘consultant’, ‘guru’, ‘confidante’ Webster Dictionary Your personal board of advisors ‘sounding board’ ‘ advise you on life decisions, opportunities and challenges’ ‘ diverse and willing to provide their true opinion or advise’ Forbes

Informal vs. formal mentorship

What is the mentorship program? Students matched with experienced professionals for guidance and support ◘ Meet monthly (September to April) ◘ Focus on professional development goals ◘ Link academic theories to realities of successful employment mentorship/index.html

Mentor/Mentee Relationship ◘ Student-led and maintained ◘ Student and mentor develop a professional development plan together ◘ Implement plan throughout a year ◘ Examples of activities: monthly meeting for lunch/breakfast, attending networking events, job shadows, etc.

Who are our mentors? ◘ Alumni and other professionals in the Salem/Portland Area ◘ Upwardly mobile to retired ◘ Coaching and mentoring philosophy that focus on you and your development

Summer Timeline ◘ Highly selective – Apply July 1, 2019 (Professional communication, proven experience taking the initiative to do something, quality of essay, location / area of interest and available mentor pool) ◘ Matching process (Areas of interest, location, stated professional development goals and mentors stated abilities, priority given to returning students) ◘ Introductions (update your LinkedIn profile) ◘ August 28th Kickoff Event : meet your mentor

Program Benefits: Relationship ◘ “I enjoyed monthly meetings with my mentor. He was a great mentor, support, and friend in general.” ◘ “Every student should be in the mentorship program […] My mentor has changed my life in so many ways.” ◘ “My mentor was really on point with his career suggestions and recommendations for me.” ◘ “[My mentor] had my learning at the forefront.” ◘ “The interaction with someone outside the program helped me get a different perspective of my experience.”

How to apply ◘ Visit our website to learn more and access the application: ◘ Essay questions: Provide two short essays explaining your professional development goals and your ability to commit time and initiative to the program

Responsibilities Once Accepted Take the initiative! Fall Semester: ◘ Attend August 28th Kickoff event in Salem ◘ Schedule September, October & November meetings ◘ Complete Professional Development Plan by September 27 ◘ Check-in with Assistant Dean by November 14th Spring Semester: ◘ Schedule February, March & April meetings ◘ Check-in with Assistant Dean by March 13th

◘ Deliver thank you gift to mentor by April 30th.