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NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 25, 2016 City of North Battleford Retirees and Employees acknowledged at 2...

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January 25, 2016

City of North Battleford Retirees and Employees acknowledged at 23rd Annual Service Awards Luncheon The City of North Battleford honored its employees at the 23rd Annual Service Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. The Dekker Centre for the Performing Arts was the stage to acknowledge City employees for their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years of service and to award retiring employees for their dedication to the City and its residents. The awards were presented by Members of Council. Each of the five retirees was honored in a speech by their former supervisor or co-worker. City of North Battleford retiring employees are Gail Adams, Susan Degenstein, Tim LaFreniere, Corey Tye-Koopman and Jerry Wintonyk. The following employees were acknowledged for their longtime commitment to the City of North Battleford: 5 Years of Service: Renae Hemingway, Michael Ironstand, Cory Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Amanda McCaffrey, Jordan Rowswell 10 Years of Service: Paul H.D. Kryzanowski, Darrell Spence 15 Years of Service: Lindsay Holm and Olive Mills 20 Years of Service: Brian Marchewka, Todd Priddle and Dan Suberlak 25 Years of Service: Bill Edlin, Paul H. Kryzanowski and Kevin Steinborn 30 Years of Service: Cliff Dyck In addition to the Service Awards the City acknowledged workers of the City of North Battleford that contributed significantly to a safer work environment, helped save lives and reduced injuries and illnesses. Safety Manager Raeann Ducharme presented this

City of North Battleford


year’s Champion of Safety Award to: Cliff Dyck, Patrick Eckerman, Michael Ironstand and Carol Keller.

2015 City Employee Service Award Recipients and Champion of Safety Award Recipients: Back row (left to right): Bill Edlin (25 years), Michael Ironstand (5 years, Champion of Safety), Cliff Dyck (30 years, Champion of Safety), Darrell Spence (10 years), Patrick Eckerman (Champion of Safety), Dan Suberlak (20 years), Paul H.D. Kryzanowski (10 years), Kevin Steinborn (25 years) Middle row (left to right): Carol Keller (Champion of Safety), Cory Johnson (5 years), Lindsay Holm (15 years), Brian Marchewka (20 years), Renae Hemingway (5 years), Paul H. Kryzanowski (25 years), Olive Mills (15 years), Amanda McCaffrey (5 years) Front row (sitting; left to right): Gail Adams (32 years), Jerry Wintonyk (38 years), Corey Tye-Koopman (32 years), Susan Degenstein (14 years)

For more information: Susanne Abe, Communications Coordinator, 306-445-1710

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