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NEW NON FICTION JUNE 2016 Call Number 070.4 LAS 133.3 BRO 179.9 KAP 204.33 COT 220.6 WIL 230 MAR 241.68 BEC 242 MEY 248...

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NEW NON FICTION JUNE 2016 Call Number 070.4 LAS 133.3 BRO 179.9 KAP 204.33 COT 220.6 WIL 230 MAR 241.68 BEC 242 MEY 248.32 MEY 248.4 HAA 248.4 HAA 248.4 MEY 248.4 MEY 261.21 TAU 277.3 ROB 297.09 FED 299.936 MIS 303.49 KLO 305.2092 LER 305.26 JEN 305.4889 SIL 306.36 DOW 327.12092 MEI 331.594 BAL 332.45 RIC 338.7 DOR 342.73 SCH 345.0251 SAN 355.0092 BOR 362.19683 BOR 362.19699 MCM 362.384 BAR 362.88 KUS 363.2092 PEG 363.25 JAN 363.283 HIL 364.134 LEA 364.1523 COR 364.1532 CON 391.009 DIR 394.120973 EGA 495.1321 HUA 598.826 DAV 604.24 SCO (2ND ED.) 612 COM 613.2092 GUS

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Call Number 615.78 KRA 616.07092 DIM 616.462 WHA 616.831 BEA 616.834 HOL 616.834 SCH 616.834 SCH 617.481 HEA 618.2 PRE 618.242 ASH 618.9285 CHE 618.9285 FOU 629.4072 HOL 635.0484 FOR 635.0484 GUS 635.932 COX 635.932 ORT 636.089 POL 636.2 GUE 636.7 GRE 636.7 TOU 641.5 FER 641.5 TAS 641.555 CAM 641.555 DIN 641.56222 CAR 641.5635 GRI 641.5635 LIL 641.5637 EAT 641.578 MAS 641.64 RIG 641.665 TAS 641.821 COO 641.8248 FOR 641.8652 WYS 641.86539 BRO 641.86539 MCN 646.72 BER 650.144 REE 658.15224 ENN 658.85 HER 739.27 COL 739.27068 SHA 741.2 SCH 741.51 CAB 745.5 ARA 745.5 GRE 745.5 PES 745.5924 QUI 745.5942 KEM 746.12 SMI

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Call Number 746.432 BER 746.432 BUD 746.442 SCH 747 STE 782.4216 MCC 782.4216 RIC 782.4216 SMI 787.87166 ADA 791.4502 DOR 791.4502 GAR 792.642 MIR 794.8 PAR 796 FRE 796.357 RON 796.3578 WES 796.54 WHI 796.6 WEI 808.51 AND 811.54 GIO 818.603 COO 917.2804 HEL 940.54 GER 940.54 WAT 941 SCH 944 FRO 944.04 MCP 956.9104 ALS 956.9204 FRI 958.1047 ROM 972 FOD 973.3 FIS 973.317 BRI 973.55 TRA 973.7092 MCD 974.1 TRE 974.4 BOS 975.3 BUR 978.752 SMI 979.0049 HUT 996.9 HAW

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