Prov Board Report PPT Mar 2017

Providence Board Report March 2017  [email protected]  717-806-6142 Breakfast Bunch Students who...

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Providence Board Report March 2017  [email protected]  717-806-6142

Breakfast Bunch Students who earn Providence Pride cards have a chance to be chosen weekly to attend Principal’s Breakfast Bunch. Students who attended recently are pictured below.

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE There are many things to celebrate at Providence! This month, we were able to celebrate the successes of 5th grade students who participated in the national Math Counts Challenge Competition. Of the 14 Providence students who participated, six earned an honorable mention. Math Counts participants are pictured at right. Students also recently earned a Providence PRIDE reward. Roughly three times per year, the entire school, having worked together to earn PRIDE cards, enjoys a quick reward to join the entire school community together.

Students danced together, led by Kindergarten teacher Polly Frey. The camaraderie and respect was through the roof! It was a true highlight for 2016-17 and was named as one of the favorite activities for PRIDE so far. Please read on for other highlights.

Mrs. McLaughlin


Providence Vision Statement:

Providence is a community of lifelong learners where all members feel that they matter and are part of something bigger than themselves

Providence students attended an assembly on March 8th called Music in the Schools. The professional musicians present engaged the students in a “crowdparticipation” style presentation of string instruments. Over three dozen students stated at the end of the assembly (through quick survey) that they are now inspired to make musical performance a part of their lives.

Continuous School Improvement Faculty, staff, and parents are being surveyed through an ASCD survey tool. The tool seeks to identify needs in the following school descriptor categories: healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and sustainability. So far, the data shows some real promise, with the supported category ranking highest.

Crisis Training On March 1st, Providence Special Education teachers Phil Cogdill and Courtney Wagner presented to colleagues basic productive responses to student crisis, including prevention and de-escalation strategies. SRO Chris Dilworth and Behavioral Specialist staff were present as well. Staff were able to ask questions and respond to content presented. More support on this topic will be provide throughout the Spring.

Over 300


Providence Board Report March 2017  [email protected]  717-806-6142

Student of the Month Recognition

Shaniah Holmes, a Providence student in Miss Lambert’s 4th grade classroom, was recognized by her teacher as the March 2017 Providence Student of the Month. Student and teacher are pictured together, above.

Enrollment Report Kindergarten = 61 1st Grade = 51 2nd Grade = 65 3rd Grade = 77 4th Grade= 58 5th Grade= 69 All Students = 381 Newsletter Credits:

Support and Encouragement as PSSA Approaches Providence Faculty and Staff have joined together with Student Senators (student leaders in grades 3-5) to plan events to encourage and inspire students as they prepare to take the PSSA test in April and early May. Students will have the opportunity to dress in themes before and after the test: dress like your favorite book character and dress like a rock-star (you rocked the test!). A special event for 3rd-5th grade students and their parents called Pride, Pizza, and PSSA at Providence, is being held Tuesday, March 21st from 4:15-5:15 pm. Parents and students will enjoy learning about tools such as Text Dependent Analysis and CUB strategies. They will also see students on video encouraging one another to do their best. On May 31, the Student Senate planned and sponsored Providence’s Got Talent show and PSSA Pep Rally will be held. Teachers will be performing in a surprise “flash mob” to inspire students to do their best. We have been working hard this year to foster a positive culture where all students feel that doing their best daily, not just on special tests, shows their Providence PRIDE.

Coming Soon… March 21st – PSSA, Pizza, and PRIDE Event

April 14-17 – Easter Holiday Break

March 30th – End of MP 3

April 26th – PTO Meeting

March 30th – School Wide Title I Event at High School March 31st – Talent Show/PSSA Pep Rally April 4-7 – ELA PSSA (Gr 3-5) April 5th – Report Card Distribution April 13th – In Session

April 24-27 – Math PSSA (Gr 3-5) May 2-3 – Science PSSA (Gr 4)

May 4th – Ophelia Day May 5th – Race for Education May 12th – In Session May 15-17 – Data Day Meetings May 29th – Memorial Day Holiday