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#chcresources13 RESOURCES CONFERENCE RE-EVALUATING OUR RESOURCES The Metropole Hotel • Llandrindod Wells 11/12 July 20...

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CONFERENCE RE-EVALUATING OUR RESOURCES The Metropole Hotel • Llandrindod Wells 11/12 July 2013

day one

Thursday 11th July 9.00am

registration, Coffee and exhibition Viewing (Powys & Ballroom)




Conference chair, Rachel Stone, Partner, Smith & Williamson LLP (David Spencer)


risky Business Andy Ballard, Central Consultancy & Training The impact of Welfare Reform on our tenants’ ability to pay their rent has been widely discussed and debated. The impact of this on associations’ income and business planning models has also been highlighted as a major risk to the viability of the sector. Add to this the Review of Regulation and Governance within the sector, and it is no surprise that we are facing a number of risks and threats. What should we be doing as organisations and as a sector? Is it all doom and gloom or can we anticipate, respond and be in a stronger position?

The Metropole Hotel • Llandrindod Wells 11/12 July 2013

Foreword Arguably there has never been a greater risk on the viability of housing associations. Welfare Reform is upon us, and budget projections have forecast the huge impact of this on the sector. It not only affects our bottom line, but also other resources such as staff, IT and systems. This is forcing us to reevaluate our business plans, to examine how we can deliver more for less in all areas and, at the same time, ensure that we bring our staff, tenants and stakeholders with us. The conference will provide opportunities to discuss these and many more challenging issues. With speakers from inside and outside the sector, there will be lots of ideas and suggestions for you to think about, consider and hopefully adopt within your organisation.

welcome and Introduction


Valuing our Services Peter Griffiths, Welsh Government; Andy Jones, Barclays Bank; Fran Bevan, Merthyr Valleys Homes Achieving Value for Money is often described in terms of the 'three Es' - economy, efficiency and effectiveness. But the importance of these three Es will differ depending on the perspective you are looking from. So what does Value for Money look and feel like from a tenant, a lender and a regulator’s perspective? Are there common needs and priorities that all three could agree on? This will be an informative panel session that should focus the mind of delegates in terms of what they should be aspiring to.

Phillipa Knowles, director of Central Services Steve evans, Head of Finance and IT


refreshments, Networking and exhibition Viewing (Powys & Ballroom)

#chcresources13 12.00

Choose from the following sessions:

1 Value for Money Lisa Pinney, RCT Homes (David Spencer 1&2) Hear first-hand how RCT Homes have adopted innovative approaches to procurement and the impact this has had on savings and service delivery.

2 Mind the GAAP – keeping up with changes to the accounting regime

IT Gossip Corners (NEW)

Located in the exhibition hall (Powys & Ballroom), there will be three IT Gossip corners with a member of the IT Network to lead discussions on: A)

Cloud computing Facilitated by Richard Coombe, Taff Housing; David Piggford, Coastal Housing Group and Excellence IT


Social media Facilitated by Sarah Rose, Newydd Housing and Sharif Biharie, Merthyr Valleys Homes


Bring your own device Facilitated by Tracy Williams, United Welsh and Matthew Mahoney, Newydd Housing

Maria Hallows, Audit Partner, Beever and Struthers (David Spencer 3) The date for adoption of the new UK accounting regime, consistent with international style reporting, is fast approaching. FRS 102 has now been issued, and it is time to think about the implications for the sector. A new SORP will be issued to be adopted alongside the new accounting standard. This session will include an overview of the housing association accounting framework, and outline accounting changes in key areas.

3 Making Partnerships work with other Sectors Mark Gardner, Chief Executive, Melin Homes (Garden 1) Melin Homes have made significant progress working in partnership with their local health board. This has been an area that many other HAs have found difficulty in. Mark will outline how this partnership working came to fruition and what benefits have resulted as an outcome of this.

4 developing a Mentally Healthy workplace Ewan Hilton and Yasmin Mottahedin, Gofal Cymru (Garden 2) Mental ill health costs Welsh businesses £1.2 billion a year - that’s £860 for each member of the workforce in Wales. One in four will experience a mental health problem in any one year, and one in six will be experiencing some form of mental distress in your organisation at any one time. Good mental health is good for business and there is a strong business case for developing mentally healthy working environments and nurturing staff mental health and wellbeing. This workshop will explore why mental health in the workplace matters and some practical strategies being tested in Gofal, along with some of the ways success is being measured.

5 working It out Louise Price, Hugh James (Wedgewood) Be prepared to work and think when you come along to this interactive workshop. You will be working through case studies on issues including holidays, sickness absence, TUPE, workforce planning and age discrimination. You have been warned.


workshop Session 1

6 Are you ready for welfare reform? Castle Computer Services and Coastal Housing (Wedgewood Conservatory) Chris Campbell will outline how Coastal used the QlikView solution to effectively identify tenants who would be most affected by the Welfare Reform changes and the impact over forthcoming years.


Lunch, Networking and exhibition


Golden Behaviour Tom Manion, Chief Executive, Irwel Valley Homes (David Spencer) Tom Manion is not your average housing boss – he’s an “author, swimmer, crooner, loner, jetsetter, dancer and talker”. His ‘gold service’ was a revolutionary approach which aimed to incentivise tenants to pay their rent on time and abide by the terms of their tenancy agreements by offering a series of rewards. The gold approach also applies to staff in its ‘solid gold’ incentive plan, which Dr Manion says applies equally well to building relationships with staff as it does with tenants. Incentives such as use of the organisation’s music room, free healthcare, access to a gym and personal training and coaching sessions are restricted if staff are taken out of the scheme. Hear the inspirational and motivational man behind the Gold Scheme!


IT Gossip Corners

(Powys & Ballroom) A) Tenant Profiling Facilitated by Richard Troote, Wales & West Housing and Sarah Rose, Newydd Housing


workshop Session 2

Choose one of the following sessions:

1 Financial Innovation Malcolm Wilson, RCT Homes and Brian Pickett, Welsh Government (David Spencer 1&2) With grant funding reducing, what innovative options are available to associations in today’s difficult and testing financial conditions?

2 Global Accounts Sarah Cole, Cadwyn HA and Debbie Green, Coastal Housing Group (David Spencer 3) A facilitated discussion on the Global Accounts of the Welsh HA Sector.

3 Ministry of Justice reforms: what they mean and how to prepare Grant Russell, Acumus (Garden 1) The reforms represent the largest overhaul of the legal framework in England and Wales in over a decade. Find out what impact these changes will have and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that your HA is prepared.

4 Managing the management of social media Helen Reynolds, Monmouthshire Council (Garden 2) We operate in a world in which our organisations are open 24/7. How can this be managed to ensure optimum use of resources, minimum risk to HAs and also to offer support to staff running these communication and engagement tools?

5 Legal Update Louise Price, Partner, Hugh James (Wedgewood) An interactive workshop exploring the issues affecting lone workers and some practical tips on steps that can be taken to address them. Also a brief update on some of the many employment law changes coming into force this year.

6 development of Apps

B) Office 365 and Google Docs Facilitated by Sharif Biharie, Merthyr Valleys Homes and David Piggford, Coastal Housing Group C) Mobile working Facilitated by Matthew Mahoney, Newydd Housing; Richard Troote, Wales & West Housing and Excellence IT


refreshments, Networking and exhibition


Sub Plenary Session

A) Social Enterprise Professor Brian Morgan, Cardiff Metropolitan University (David Spencer) What opportunities exist for HAs to protect their income stream in terms of social enterprises that offer innovative, commercial solutions but still retain a fit for purpose remit from a regulatory point of view? B) Coaching to Inspire Leadership Jane Douglas and Jo Lord, Learning to Inspire (Garden) The role of the HR Professional is ever evolving. Research has shown that coaching is playing an increasingly important role in the workplace, and leaders who use coaching are more effective, have high degrees of personal credibility and higher performing teams. This session will form a master class in using a coaching culture in your organisation and how you can use it to inspire the employees. C) Creative IT & Communications - When the left side of the brain is working with the right! Hannah Elford, Design and Communications Manager, Paragon Community Housing Group (Wedgewood) Welfare Reform has been a fantastic catalyst for us to focus on how IT and communications can support our organisations through the changes. We can’t possibly keep up to date with the latest hardware, or completely upgrade the systems we already have in place, and we can’t communicate effectively when we still don’t know all the answers. We can, however, evolve through working together with greater efficiency inhouse so that we can get ahead of the game.

David Stansfield, Looking Local (Wedgewood Conservatory)



Find out about the increasing use of smartphone apps for HAs which are making it easier for tenants to report issues, and for staff to update records out of the office.


drinks reception, sponsored by Aareon


dinner followed by entertainment


day Two

Friday 12th July 9.00

exhibition Viewing


Taming dragons? A look at housing’s key challenges and how we can overcome them Blaire Palmer, Managing Director, Taming Tigers (David Spencer) In the last ten years, Blaire Palmer has remodelled leadership teams within organisations such as GSK, Mattel and Airbus. She’s been the catalyst that has resulted in clients embarking on successful product innovations and cultural change programmes. What are Blaire’s thoughts on what the housing sector needs to do to prepare and respond to the ever changing and demanding environment in which we operate, and how can we get staff to sign up to these changes?


Sub Plenaries - The 3 rs

A) Reform – Universal Credit Scott Sanders, Charter Housing (David Spencer) Scott will outline Charter’s experiences with regards to the pilot programme and, more crucially, what impact they are expecting to see on their business plans. B) Regulation and Governance Review Amanda Oliver, Community Housing Cymru (Wedgewood) What are the main outcomes of the recent reviews into regulation and governance within the sector, and how will this impact on HAs and their boards? C) Reward – fit for the future Rachel Stone, Smith & Williamson (Garden 1) Many associations have reward and pay structures that have not kept up with changes in structure, in style and in working practice. This practical session will look at a range of ideas for reviewing reward strategy, improving reward structures and getting the best from your reward spend. Rachel works with a

large number of housing associations as well as a real variety of private sector employers, and she will share some of the great models and ideas she sees as she works with businesses and organisations across the UK.

The IT Network Meeting will take place on Friday 12 July between 10.15-11.45am. refreshments will be served in the room. (Garden 2)


Coffee, Networking and exhibition Viewing (Powys & Ballroom)


Leadership is not Management Geraldine Kilbride, Director of Future Leaders Programme for Fundraisers, Resource Alliance (David Spencer) Geraldine Kilbride caused a stir with her comments at a recent Resource Alliance event when she argued that the charity sector was ‘possibly 10 years behind the private sector’ in its thinking about leadership. She suggested that there is a lack of research into good leadership in the sector. Kilbride argues that no matter what the sector, the people at the top should think about how to lead better. At the moment, she says, 65% of employees say that they could do their jobs better if their bosses didn't get in their way. So what advice does she have for leaders and for organisations that need to select new leaders? Come along to the last session of the conference to find out for what promises to be a controversial but lively session.

12.45pm Lunch and depart



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