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VAULTLOGIX What is Internet Vaulting? Internet Vaulting is the VaultLogix online data backup service that safely and i...

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What is Internet Vaulting? Internet Vaulting is the VaultLogix online data backup service that safely and inexpensively stores a company’s critical data at a secure offsite location. Internet Vaulting enables businesses to immediately protect and restore digital information 24 x 7 x 365. Also referred to as Online Data Backup, Remote Data Backup, Electronic Vaulting, etc.

The average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100% - All drives eventually fail.

- The Backup Book

Internet Vaulting Overview • Agentless software ¾ Single machine install

• No software ‘plug-ins’ required for the majority of applications: • SQL, Exchange, Notes, Groupwise, PostGreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc

• Use your existing internet connection • No hardware, software, maintenance or support programs to purchase • Fully automated solution

Internet Vaulting Overview

• All Backups are full ƒ First backup is the seed ƒ Following backups are based upon 4k block level changes

• Data is encrypted ƒ Customer chooses between 128, 192 or 256 bit encryption ƒ Customer is the sole owner of the encryption key! Data is encrypted before leaving the customer’s site so it is completely safe while traveling over the Internet and remains encrypted while it is on our data vault – even we can not access the data.

How It Works


How it Works



Software is installed on one server/PC.


Data is encrypted and compressed prior to offsite transfer.


A local vault can be established onsite for rapid recovery.


Data is transferred offsite to a secure data center.


All client data is held on disk for rapid recovery.


The primary data center is mirrored offsite for a second copy.

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Internet Vaulting Overview 3-Stage Data Reduction Process Compression Common File Elimination/De-duplication Delta Block Technology (4k) • Value – Significantly reduces the amount of billable data. • Competition – 99% of VaultLogix competitors do not deploy all of these processes. Without these processes the competition could have up to 7x the amount of billable data.

Internet Vaulting Overview • Recovery Time Objective ¾ Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – A measurement of how quickly data needs to be restored in the event of an outage or some type of disaster. In other words, the amount of time an organization can be without data (e.g., hours, days, weeks, etc). ¾ VaultLogix holds data onsite as well as offsite for LANspeed data restoration ¾ Local Storage Restore ¾ Free ¾ Solves Customer WAN concerns with Online Data Backup

Product Features • Restorability Validation • Data Audit Tool • Backups are buffered • If interrupted, backups restart where they left off

• Data Management Tools • Exclude old data: Filter by ‘Last Accessed’ • Exclude data by ‘File Type’ • Auto Delete Process

• Message Level Restore ÎGroupwise, Notes and Exchange.

Managing Data Growth META Group research indicates net annual storage growth will average 20-25 percent!! • Three stage data reduction process. • Exclude certain file types. • Scheduling (Manipulate generations per data type and importance). • Auto Delete Process. • Infostore DR versus Message Level Restore. • Filter out unimportant data beyond specific time lengths (exclude old, unused data from backups).

Installation • Agentless ¾ Single machine install only ¾ Does not have to be installed on the server you are protecting

• Use existing server or PC ¾ No hardware, software or ‘plug-ins’ to purchase

• Use existing internet access • Approximate install time: 20-40 minutes • Partner has 24x7 access in to the data vault for immediate account activation

VaultLogix Network • High Quality Internet Access ¾1000 Mbps Capacity / Multiple bandwidth providers

• Data Center Location and Specifications ¾Primary Data Center - Utility Status ¾Dual fiber entrances ¾Redundant secondary facility ¾Battery and generator backup

• Storage Infrastructure ¾Dual SonicWall Firewalls ¾Dell Servers - N+1 Configuration ¾Red Hat Enterprise Linux ¾Enterprise Quality Storage Equipment – FC SAN RAID DP

Partner Value Proposition • No software or hardware to purchase • No annual or maintenance fees • MSP Integration ¾Level Platforms ¾Others: N-Able, Silverback, etc

• No partner start-up costs (includes training) • Augment existing customer backup environment ¾Backup specific applications ¾Backup remote locations ¾Backup distributed data

Contact Information

1-877-VAULTLOGIX [email protected]