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Ingram Micro | Seismic Benefits This comprehensive, industry-leading knowledge base provides you with the tools to: • ...

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Ingram Micro | Seismic

Benefits This comprehensive, industry-leading knowledge base provides you with the tools to:

• Reap profitable revenue dollars from managed services as soon as possible

INGRAM MICRO SEISMIC SUCCESS SUPPORT PORTAL To further assist you in establishing a successful Managed Services offering, Ingram Micro has developed an industry-leading, best-practices portal. This exclusive, online knowledge base is only available for solution providers and MSPs who have purchased Ingram Micro Seismic. The portal includes a complete library of Managed Services best practices, how-to tutorials, services benchmarking, online training, white papers and other Managed Services-specific reference materials and templates.

• Define your organizational structure for Managed Services • Define your ideal target market and qualify prospects • Remove common end-customer objections to signing up for or transitioning to managed services • Price Managed Services for profit • Set up a monthly billing process • Conduct quarterly business reviews (QBRs) that will enable you to recommend new purchases or projects

Business Development

The process and organizational-development parts of implementing Managed Services can be a challenge. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the time and costs associated with these first, essential steps, then start celebrating. Ingram Micro’s Seismic Success Support Portal takes the guesswork out of implementing Managed Services and helps put your business in the black as soon as possible. Ongoing Support

The Seismic Success Support Portal provides you with an expert knowledge base that can be used to significantly reduce the time and expense related to the deployment, maintenance and growth of your Managed Services offering. It will highlight the pitfalls to avoid and the best practices to adopt in each area of your business, including operations, finance, sales and marketing.

• Create a service level agreement (SLA)

Included Features

Finance • Grow your business through knowledge of best practices

• How to set up a Managed Services business model

and avoid encountering costly,

• Setup chart of accounts to manage common lines of business

common pitfalls

• Managed Services billing options • Stepping into your pricing model • Practical methods to cross-check your financial pricing • Comparing new pricing with current run-rate

GROWTH INSPIRED — A Bold Vision in Services

Ingram Micro | Seismic

• Estimating the impact of sales support billing • Managed Services sales compensation plans Operations • Job description templates and organization chart guidelines • Managed Services implementation timelines and milestones • How to develop project plans for new-client launches • Templates for development and delivery of effective QBRs • Sample statements of work for Managed Services offerings Sales and Marketing • Managed Services marketing templates and other resources • How to convert legacy clients to new Managed Services offerings • Sample PowerPoint presentation outlines for new-client orientations • Templates for creating target customer profiles • How to price Managed Services — setting price on value, not cost o

How to segment customers and charge appropriately

• Ongoing support for current customers: o

Day-to-day support strategy


Long-term IT strategy


Client-satisfaction surveys


Client-termination guidelines


Event-management strategies

For more information about the Ingram Micro Seismic Success Support Portal or about other current and planned components of the Ingram Micro Seismic portfolio, call the Ingram Micro Services Team at (877) 755-5002 or email [email protected].

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