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Datasheet SOLSHEET Waterproofing Systems Last Issue Date: 01.05.12 SOLSHEET Moisture Tolerant Self Adhesive Membrane ...

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SOLSHEET Waterproofing Systems

Last Issue Date: 01.05.12

SOLSHEET Moisture Tolerant Self Adhesive Membrane • • • • • • • •

Provides protection against water and vapor. Can be applied in marginal weather conditions. Can be applied to ‘Green’ Concrete. Self adhesive. Requires just peeling off the silicone film and sticking to the surface. Excellent adhesion to vertical and horizontal surfaces. Excellent resistance to chlorides, sulphates, alkalis & acids. Good tear and puncture resistance. Excellent tensile strength

Description SOLSHEET MT Self Adhesive Membrane is a 1.5mm thick preformed waterproofing system. The bitumen compound is laminated onto an impervious, non-perforated, cross laminated HDPE film. The membrane is protected on the self adhesive side with a silicone coated release film. SOLSHEET MT Self Adhesive Membrane conforms to the requirements of BS 8102. Substrates should be primed with SOLCO Tanking Primer prior to application.

Installation SOLSHEET MT Self Adhesive Membrane is used as waterproofing and damp proofing membrane intended for concrete protection where it is necessary to apply to ‘Green’ concrete or in marginal weather conditions. It may be used for horizontal and vertical application for tanking below ground structures, subways and retaining walls.

Roll Width

Roll Length



Width (m)


Length (m)


Jointing Solsheet Self Adhesive Membrane

Roll Weight




All lap joints should be a minimum of 150mm and must be pressed and rolled to form a continuous bond and ensure water tightness.

Storage & Handling on site SOLSHEET MT Self Adhesive Membrane is classified as non-hazardous (code of practice CP102 1973). The product is chemically inert and any acids or alkalis present in the subsoil will not affect the membrane. It is not recommended for use when exposed to sunlight and general outdoor weather conditions for long periods of time. Weathering will not occur when installed. Rolls should be stored undercover. Quality control during the laying of the membrane is extremely important the membrane should be protected either through the use of temporary boarding over its whole area or the immediate laying of the concrete slab.

Waterproofing System Accessories Technical Data SOLCO Foil Backed Jointing Tape

Single sided tape for securing laps & joints

75mm x 50m

Securing Laps & Joints


SOLCO Double sided Butyl Jointing Tape

Butyl Adhesive Tape

50mm x 10m

Butyl based double sided tape for joints and laps




For sealing around penetrations through gas membrane



A flexible polyethylene DPC with an aluminium foil

300mm - 1000mm

To prevent the transmission of Radon, CO2 & Methane Gas

20m Rolls

SOLCO Gas Sump Units

Part of the Radon Protection System

430 x 430 x 220mm

Radon Sumps are used in full protection areas, for sub floor depressurisation.


SOLCO XL Jointing Tape

Reinforcing Tape

100, 150 & 300mm

Over-band tape self-adhesive

20m Rolls

Primer for SA Membrane

5L & 25L

Surface Primer


SOLCO Protection Boards

Bitumen / Polymeric

3mm thick

For heavy duty use

2m x 1m

SOLCO Corrugated Board

Plastic Corrugated

2mm thick

For light duty use

2m x 1m

SOLCO Top Hat Units


SOLCO Primer

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