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Yuliana S. 4th Grade A Girls Wish Came True Once upon a time there was a girl name Mia. She wants a hover board really b...

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Yuliana S. 4th Grade A Girls Wish Came True Once upon a time there was a girl name Mia. She wants a hover board really bad. Her birthday is on January 15. She really wants a hover board for her birthday but her parents said no Mia said please. Then after her parents said no again. So Mia went to her room and slammed the door and went on her bed and put the pillow over her head and started to cry really loud. Mia’s parents went to her room and told Mia you can’t get everything you want then Mia said don’t talk to me. Then Mia’s mom said maybe your wish can come true on your birthday but it you don’t behave maybe your wish will not come true but then it was dark so Mia parents told Mia to go to sleep. The next day Mia’s mom walks in her room and wakes Mia up so she can get ready for today because they are going somewhere for Mia. So she can get clothes to wear for her birthday. Then, a couple minutes later they went to the store when they first walk in Mia sees something that she really wants to where for her birthday. It is a short shirt with some ripped light pants. Then her mom said will put in the basket but Mia’s mom said well let’s look more. Mia said but I only want this one so Mia’s mom said okay. So then they went to go pay for it and it was $30.07. After they came home and dad was awake she tried on her new clothes to wear on Mia’s birthday. So mom said let me look for something and Mia told her parents she was going to try on her new clothes that she got for her birthday so Mia went to her room to try the clothes on. Then she comes out of her room looking very pretty she went to her parent’s room to show now it fits her. Then mom says that fits so perfect on her then Mia said we’ll how am I going to do my hair? Then Mia’s mom said maybe I can curl your hair or maybe straighten your hair Mia said maybe I will curl my hair Mia said. Mia’s mom said ok so you know how your birthday is

on January 15 will do it on the 14 so I can curl your hair a little bit and on the 15 I can do your whole hair Mia said ok. So it was January 17 so Mia mom looked at the time and said time to go to bed Mia went to her room and turned off the lights to her room. Then Mia’s mom yelled goodnight Mia. Mia yelled back goodnight. Then Mia got her blanket and covered herself with her blanket. The next day Mia woke up and remember that it was her birthday she screamed and jumped up and down on her bed screaming it’s her birthday ,it’s my birthday then Mia’s mom woke and ran to Mia’s room what happened Mia’s mom asked? Mia says it’s my birthday then Mia’s mom said omg I forgot. Mia’s mom got her phone and started a phone call people what time to go to her birthday. Mia started to get ready to cook. Mia asked if friends can come over. Mia’s parents said yes call them right now. Mia said ok. Mia’s mom said only two friends can come over. Mia’s mom said I’m going to the store. Mia said ok! But Mia’s mom was actually going to go get Mia a hover board. So she went and in the store there was only two more left so she ran to go get one. Then she went to go pay. Then she went to her car and went back home. When Mia’s mom got back she hurried to her room to put it somewhere. Mia was getting her hair fixed. Mia’s mom went to go open the door because Mia’s friends were here already. Then when she opened the door they ran to Mia’s room. A couple of hours they ate some cake then it was time to open presents mom brought the hover board down and Mia was like omg thank you. Then she started to play with it but it was dark and everyone went home and Mia and her parents went to sleep. The End