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STATE AUDITOR / COMMISSIONER OF SECURITIES AND INSURANCE Job Description and Term The Office of the Commissioner of Secu...

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STATE AUDITOR / COMMISSIONER OF SECURITIES AND INSURANCE Job Description and Term The Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor, is a criminal justice agency whose primary responsibility is to protect Montana's consumers through insurance and securities regulation. They work to educate and assist the public about the wide range of issues in insurance and securities, and strive to ensure fairness, transparency and access in the securities and insurance industries. and the acts of the legislature; reviewing, maintaining, and distributing public-interest records of businesses and nonprofit organizations; Filing administrative rules adopted by state departments, boards, and agencies; attesting to the governor's signature on executive orders, proclamations, resolutions, extradition papers, and appointments; filing and maintaining records of secured financial transactions, such as liens; serving on the state Board of Land Commissioners and the Board of Examiners; serving on the Capital Finance Advisory Council; and commissioning notaries public. Four years limited to two terms in any 16 year span Term and Term Limits

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Monica J. Lindeen



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Derek Skees



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Issues / Questions: As Insurance Commissioner, what reforms if any do you think are necessary in the State of Montana to existing state regulations? Where do you stand on allowing people to buy insurance across state borders, and why is that your position? What % of your campaign funds raised for this election cycle are from out of state interests? In what instances do you think it's appropriate for the State Auditor to accept campaign donations or endorsements from out of state? As a member of the Board of Land Commissioners making decisions about the use of our School Trust Lands, what will you do maximize revenue and ensure that enviornmental groups don't stop this important source of funds for our schools? What is the purpose of government? Do you agree with the principle of “the rule of law” and how do you define that term? What do you consider to be the key issues in your race for State Auditor, and where do you stand on them? As an elected official, you are required to swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Do you support a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution? Concerning Obamacare, many state attorney generals filed a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the health insurance mandate. As state auditor, how would you handle the implimentation of questionable federal legislation such as this? Do you believe the Federal Government should have more power to regulate the insurance industry within a states borders, or should the operation of insurance in each state, be left to that state's government to regulate? The Insurance Commissioner is responsible for enforcing health insurance consumer protections. How will you educate consumers on their rights?