TIED Organizational Chart 4

Technology, Innovation, and Economic Development Dr. Chris Maggio Acting President Dr. Darlene Williams Vice President ...

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Technology, Innovation, and Economic Development Dr. Chris Maggio Acting President

Dr. Darlene Williams Vice President of Technology, Innovation, and Economic Development

Electronic & Continuing Education

Carla Howell Director of Sponsored Programs

Alysia Jones Associate Director

Dana Cawthon Regional Director LSBDC @ NSU

Natosha John son-Payne Sr. Admin. Assista nt LSBDC @ NSU Natchitoches Campus

(Vacant) Admin. Assistant LSBDC @ NSU Shreveport Campus

Linda Conwile Business Consultant LSBDC @ NSU Shreveport Campus

(Vacant) Admin. Assistant LSBDC @ NSU Alexandria Office

Ashley Smith Administrative Assistant 2

Tammy Armstrong Administrative Assistant 5

Samantha Grant NSU @ Marksville Coordinator

Amy Jones Business Consultant LSBDC @ NSU Alexandria Campus

Martha Koury Campus Manager NSU Fort Polk

Leesville Domiciled Non-Reporting Faculty/Staff

Donna Johnson Executive Director of CaddoBossier Partnerships and Military Outreach

Jason Parks Executive Director Central LA Campuses

Kimberly Liner Campus Manager NSU Alexandria Chris Eding Administrative Coordinator 2

Shelley Scripture NSU @ Barksd ale Coordinator

Cenla Domiciled Non-Reporting Faculty/Staff

Stephanie Henson Coordinator of Online Education Initiatives

Melanie Bedgood Continuing Education Specialist

Julie Longlois Carl Perkins Director

Jennifer Maggio Coordinator of Adult Education Initiatives

Glen Cooley Business

Linda Nichols Nursing Coordinator

Catherine Merchant Administrative Assistant 3

Ruth Weinzettle Social Work Coordinator

Laura Delanoix Media Development Specialist

Emily Perritt Instructional Technology Specialist

Deborah Hickman Nursing

Tommy Tilley User Support Specialist

Jordan Creasey Administrative Coordinator 2 (Admissions)

Leslie Sinclair Child & Family Network Child Specialis t/Trainer

Jennifer Stanfield eLearning Support Specialist

Daniel Hypes Instructional MultiMedia & Design Specialist

Stacey Joslin Nursing

Anna McDonald Library Associate

Michelle Stephens Administrative Coordinator 2 (Student Acct)

Carolyn Hart Nursing Coordinator

Chris Brumley Sr. Electro nic Learning Systems Support Specialist

Charles Rachal eLearning Systems Support Specialist

Juanita Self Math

Kerryl Henderson Lang. & Comm.

Denise Jackson Military Liaison

Gwen Cope Adminis trative Coordinator 2

Jarrod Sanson Electronic Portfolio Coordinator & Trainer

Joe Pope Math

Leeann Sticker Biological Sciences

Wendy Bartlett Security Officer

Kathleen Smith History


Hank Maddox Maintenance 2

Justin P rice NSU @ BPCC Coordinator