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Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET Professional version 2003 Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional Edition enables you to rap...

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Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET Professional version 2003 Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional Edition enables you to rapidly build a broad range of applications for Microsoft Windows®, the Web, and mobile devices. Built to address today's most challenging software development needs, Visual Studio .NET 2003 enhances, further refines, and is highly compatible with its predecessor. With Visual Studio .NET 2003, developers can deliver a range of professional software in record time. The integrated development environment (IDE) provides a consistent interface for all languages, including Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET, Microsoft Visual C++® .NET, Microsoft Visual C#™ .NET, and Microsoft Visual J#™ .NET. Using the language best suited to your skill set, you can take advantage of shared visual designers to build rich Windows-based applications and dynamic Web applications that render in any browser. Visual Studio .NET 2003 contains an updated version of the .NET Framework, version 1.1, that builds on the previous version with new capabilities and improved scalability, reliability, security, and performance. These core enhancements in the underlying development framework combine with improved IDE responsiveness to enable reduced costs associated with application development, deployment, and maintenance. Addressing the emerging opportunities represented by XML Web services and mobile application development were key design goals of Visual Studio .NET 2003. Using the skills you already have, Visual Studio .NET 2003 enables you to create and consume Web services and provides intuitive designers for rapidly building broad-reach Mobile Web applications as well as smart device software.


Quickly build professional software for Windows and the Web Visual Studio .NET provides intuitive visual designers for building professional Windows and Web-based software, enabling developers to reuse existing skills across multiple application types. Build high-performance database applications ADO.NET class libraries provide the infrastructure for high performance data access to multiple data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, and more. The Server Explorer and Visual Database Tools simplify data access by reducing the coding effort involved in building data components. Simplify application deployment and maintenance No Touch Deployment enables Windows applications to be deployed as easily as Web pages, while the side-byside component versioning policy eliminates DLL overwrites and alleviates component versioning issues. Connect to a wide variety of systems, applications, and devices Industry-leading support for Web service creation and consumption enables you to quickly build and employ standards-based business logic components. Leverage existing investments in code and skills Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional provides developers with a smooth upgrade path. The Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard, COM Interoperability, and a "load-and-go" upgrade for Visual C++ and Visual J++ developers delivers multiple options for reusing existing code and assets. Build device-based applications in record time Built-in support for smart devices enables design, development, debugging, and automatic deployment of applications to Windows CE .NET and Pocket PC powered devices. Mobile Web application projects enable you to build broad-reach Web applications that automatically render on more than 200 wireless mobile devices.